The Company 4TechCare is the result of a plurality of Human experiences in the Medical and Well-Being fields

Positioned around the Patient its activity is defined by the research and creation of solutions enhancing Life quality as well as facilitating medical treatments.

The solutions proposed by 4TechCare will rely on software applications, cell applications, coaching solutions, …, depending on the needs expressed by the different stakeholders.

The team

The Team 4Techcare is composed of confirmed Experts in the fields of respiratory physiology, engineering, Well-Being and companies’ management at all levels.

Rémy Roulier

Co-Founder & CEO

Gordon Fairbairn

Managing Director

François Galzin

Chief Research and Strategy Officer

Aude Cavallier

Well Being Expert

Discover our projects

DNA of 4 TechCare Team :

Place all its competences and skills at the Patient service in a way of constant amelioration of the Patient Care as well as equal access to Care for everybody


With its strong advances in Research and Development, 4Techcare adapts its solutions for permanent Well-Being improvement.

Equal Access to care for everybody

Improvement of life quality

Facilitating patient care

Our innovations

Innovation 4D-Breath

For a better driving of her/his breath (4D-Breath) in certain circumstances, discover the “Flying Dragon”, a playful animation used in the scope of Breathing control for some patients in Radiation Therapy. The patient drives the Dragon with his breath using video goggles in a relaxing and calming environment with the objective of improving the Imaging and Treatment phases.

The « Flying Dragon » animation can be declined in other characters, materials or environments with the objective of always answering better the user’s expectations as well as enhancing patient care.

Innovation 4C-Breath

4C-Breath is a training and breathing calibration device. This innovation currently under development and patent registration, is mainly used as a mobile application.

4C-Breath improves the patient’s care and support, better prepared and trained with the objective of enhancing at maximum the quality of provided cares.

4C-Breath is also used in other fields in order to allow everybody to become the best actor of her/his “Well-Being”.

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For any further information concerning our products and innovations, or in case of any request linked to your development projects, do not hesitate to contact 4Techcare team filling the form below, or directly by email at the following address: